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Accessories From Rotec

Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI-40).

  • Affordable Mechanical Fuel Injection as an option for your R2800 or R3600
  • Increases engine performance by comparison to the Bing
  • Saves fuel
  • Order with your Rotec Radial and reduce the cost by the cost of the Bing
  • More compact than the standard supplied Bing (40 mm throat)
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Please contact the factory for a price E-mail
For more information Goto TBI site

Rotec Emergency Kit For R2800 & R3600

  • No Rotec owner should be without this kit.
  • Essential set of items required to get you going in case of an emergency
  • Magneto coil not included with R3600
  • Please contact the factory for a price E-mail
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Auxiliary Electric Oil Pump

A fantastic little electric scavenge pump that can be optionally used in parallel with the normal mechanical one - it clears any residual oil from mini sump.

During testing, it was found that leaving this pump running for a few minutes after shut down that it cleared almost all the oil from the engine and returned it back to the oil tank.

Furthermore, it was found that with the pump on that on turning the engine over by hand, the action of bottoming the piston caused the oil to be pushed out of the lower cylinders down into the front and rear drains thus allowing the pump to whisk that oil away.

The net result being less mess on the floor and seemly far less hydraulic lock oil to contend with; though it must be stressed that this pump does not eliminate HL.

For more information on how this pump works Click on Support Index from the menus bar and look for a link to Auxiliary Oil Pump

Aluminium Oil Tank (includes fittings) - Custom made to fit your craft

The tank on the left was designed and manufactured by Rotec to fit on a Fisher Celebrity (Rotec R2800).

Often when purchasing and engine mounting frame from Rotec an oil tank is often added to the order. The reason being the design work for the oil tank is simplified through the design work done on the frame.

Some customers elect to use Rotec's design facilities to supply only drawings for the frame and oil tank and elect to build these parts themselves.

There are examples of other oil tanks to be found in many of the client project pages.

Another example can be found on Michel Cavin's Sopwith Camel project page being a tank for a Rotec R3600

For more information about oil and oil tanks Click on Support Index from the menus bar and look for a link under O ...

Collector Ring For R2800 & R3600 Factory made, tested and approved

The engine is supplied with a stub exhaust system however it is recommended that a Rotec collector ring be used.

  • Add this to your engine order and it will be fitted to engine before delivery
  • Dual Exhaust
  • Stainless Steel
  • Segmented in seven parts with expansion clamps for the Rotec R2800 and nine parts with expansion clamps for the R3600
  • Improves the sound of the radial
  • Improves performance
  • Looks superb and is in fact more compact than the stubs
Above photos are for a seven segment Rotec R2800

Rotec Tuned Laminated Propeller (climbing / STOL)

  • Available from the factory for Rotec R2800 & R3600
  • Finest aeronautical graded wood
  • Hand crafted
  • Designed and tuned for optimal performance
  • Free technical support to choose the right size and pitch
  • Plain colour only available but stains are possible
  • Custom props can be crafted
  • For more about Props please use the Support Index
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Click to enlarge thumbnail for R3600

Rotec specific low pressure electric fuel pump

Please review the fuel delivery options >

Rotec Engine Mounting Frames

Engine Mount R2800: view all the mount parts and how they go together

Engine Mount R3600: view all the mount parts and how they go together


Fisher Celebrity (R2800)
Front View
Side View
Side view with R2800
Hatz Classic (R3600)
View 4 page pdf covering general instructions, side, front and asymmetric views

For more information about Rotec Engine Mounting Frames Click on Support Index from the menus bar & browse the index

Classic Black VDO Gauge Set

This new programmable tacho was introduced in early 2009. It has become standard issue in the Rotec approved Gauge Kit currently being supplied. It has the following advantages over the old tacho:

Easy to wire
Easy to calibrate
Has Engine Hour Display
Its accurate!

Additional Information:

Available in two sizes and scales:

Rotec have both these in stock now.

Both can be simply programmed to use with both our nine and seven cylinder engines using the LCD display. Once the correct spark ratio i.e. 3.5 for the 7cyl or 4.5 for the 9cyl. is punched in the rpm calibration is done and is exact. No switches or pots to fiddle with while the engine is running with prop turning at 2000rpm!

Engine hours are displayed in the LCD window. Non-volatile memory chip stores hours even without power. Comprehensive instructions included on how to calibrate 3.5 ignition spark and how to wire the clock.

For those clients who have the old tacho and wish to upgrade please contact the Factory E-mail

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