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More about Rotec R2800 7 Cylinder, Radial110HP Engine
click on Rotec's R2800 for details ..
See More About Rotec R3600 9 Cylinder Radial150HP Engine
click on Rotec's R3600 for details ..
See more about Rotec's Throttle Body Fuel Injection For Small To Large Engines
click on Rotec's TBI for details ..

See more about Rotec's Liquid Cooled Heads For Those Jabiru Engines That Overheat
click on Liquid Cooled Head for details on how to keep your Jab engine cool...

Jab Electronic Ignition Simple Bolt On
click on Jabiru Electronic Ignition Upgrade Kit for details ..
Jab Alternator Simple 'bolt on' upgrade
click on Jabiru Alternator Upgrade Kit for details ..

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