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Rotec R3600 Powered Hatz CB1
Owner: A. C. Hutson
Status: 65% (ready for covering)

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A. C. Hutson's Hatz CB1 Project:

AC's CB1 Being powered by a R3600 makes it a first of its kind.

Originally (in September 2007) AC's intention were to power his CB1 with a Rotec R2800 but he upgraded his order in August of 2008 to a Rotec R3600 engine.

With so much power to spare, when completed this plane is going to be one fun aircraft to fly!

Left: Susan and AC Hutson

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29 January 2013: Oil Tank completed..

AC writes: Just wanted to show you my tank.  My Hatz is covered and I am waiting for the weather to warm  before I start painting. 
Rotec Radial Oil Tank Drawing For Hatz CB1 Oil Tank for Rotec powered CB1 Oil Tank for R3600 powered Hatz CB1
Please click on PDF to view the drawing >
Cut out >
Weldeed & painted


October 2011: Speed ring added

By September 2011 The Hatz CB1 is ready for covering:

AC's Hatz CB1 Ready For Covering
Up Close on boot cowl
Susan & AC getting a feel for it

By November 2009 - A C had the engine mount built and mounted to the fire wall:


September 2008 - Preliminary work on the engine mounting frame and oil tank:

AC, being a competent welder, took up Rotec's offer for a free design service for an engine mounting frame.

Correspondence from Paul in technical support follows:

Hi AC,

Please see attached engine mount frame drawings (these are pdf files and will open with Acrobat reader). 

Frame design front view
Frame design Side view
All measurements are in millimeters - divide by 2,54 to get inches

I used Rotec's own Hatz CB1 to gain the Fire Wall (FW) point measurements, but they may not be exactly the same as yours.  I would strongly advise you check your own FW measurements as you may need to make slight adjustments to make the frame exactly fit you longerons positions.  It would be impossible for any Hatz airframes to be identical as the are all hand made and will be slightly different

Using CAD drawings I designed then scaled the engine frame and CAD engine onto a Hatz CB1 side elevation and it looks pretty good.

For the oil tank I suggest that once you make the frame and mount the engine to the a/c you could then mock a tank out of cardboard that fits exactly where you want it.  Then e-mail me the dimensions of the mock vessel and I'll do a CAD analysis to confirm that it meets the minimum volume and include other details such as baffles and fitting position etc.

The photo on the left is a sample of several tanks Rotec has supplied.

Your engine is being packed now for delivery.

Regards, Paul.

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