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Rotec R3600 Powered Stolp Starduster Too
Info: 1st of its kind
Status: 100% Complete
Owner: Bill Pieper
First Flight: 14th September 2010
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Introduction to Bill Piepers Starduster Too Project:

Bill Pieper (left), with a resume in aeronautics as long as your arm, took on the challenge to equip a partially completed Starduster Too with a Rotec Radail.

The project was started by a friend in 1981 with over 12,000 man hours in build time expended. In taking over the project Bill's objective is to make the plane show quality; and to display the finished aircraft on the Rotec Booth by Osh 2011.

Bill's Starduster Too is a first of its kind to be fitted out with a Rotec Radial (R3600) and all at Rotec are excited by the project.

Stats an Short History on the Starduster Too:

Lou Stolp and George Adams designed the original single seater Starduster in 1957, Aas consequence of its success the Stolp Starduster Corporation was established to market plans and kits to the home-built market.

By the mid-1960s Lou designed an enlarged, two-seat version of his airplane, which he dubbed the Starduster Too.

Somewhat advanced for its time the fuse was of steel tubing and the wing spars were made from spruce, with the ribs made from mahogony marine ply and the compression struts made from birch ply.

Powered with engines from 125 to 375 HP, the 180 and 200 HP Lycoming are most popular. First flown in the 1960s, there are more than 1,000 flying. With its open cockpit this surely is what flying was meant to be.

With a Rotec R3600 up front its gauranteed that this aircraft will be nothing short of sensational in every respect! Looking forward to having the plane on our booth at Osh!

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Some new pics received from Bill (July 2012)

Take offf ...

From: Bill Pieper
Sent: Thursday, 10 February 2011 4:16 PM
To: rotec factory Subject: Starduster Photo's


Pictures taken last weekend Feb 5 and 6. Everything is going well with 11 flight hours now.

Take a close look at the exhaust collector ring  behind cylinders 2 and 3 and you will see the “new” heat muff. I am measuring a 150 degree F rise and 75 RPM drop with heat on.

All the best.
Regards Bill

From Rotec: "SUPERB!"

19 December 2010 - Bill's First Flight:

Bill Pieper
Sent: Sunday, 19 December 2010 12:04 PM
Subject: Starduster II Rotec powered


My first flight from Georgetown, Ca. USA. 12/12/10.

900ft/min, 3100RPM, 70kts IAS, 18 degrees C, 2600Ft elev.

Level flight 3100 RPM, 105 kts IAS (121MPH)

Merry Christmas to all - Bill

28th Sept 2010 Bille writes:

Hi Paul The engine runs great with the static port rerouted.

The best news is 1st flight on 14 Sept and one hour of flights on 24 Sept.!!!!! Hooray !! I have attached a couple of pictures, but with my camera I can not obtain good airshots --- later. The plane handles beautifully with a little tweaking on the Stabilizer incidence required.

... Bill

Second Flight 24th Sept 2010
Taxi Out
Take Off
Taxi In


First Flight - 14th Sept 2010

Taxi Out


August 2010 - Just about ready for test flights.


May - June 2010: Rotec TBI Added and wings added

. .

August 2008: On the wat to a larger facility (Airport)


April 2009: 1st Trial Start Up


March 2009: Rotec Radial R3600 Install Details

Engine Install Left
Engine Install Right
Aux Oil Scaveng Pump
Bing Carb
Oil Filter Block
In Line oil filter
Hall Ignition Module
Carb Heat Muff


October 2008: Remove Lycoming, doping, paint ...

Lycoming removed
Doping & painting
move to larger area

July 2008 - Photographs of N200BP - S/N P001 - (as received):

Before ...
The objective (pdf's requiring Acrobat Reader)

Before ... (Bill on the right in 1st photo)

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