Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane

Rotec R2800 Powered Kitfox 4
Status: Flying
Owner: William Prokes
First Flight: 5th April 2009

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October 2010 - Some new pics

Ready for take off
Bills Kitfox 4
Kitfox 4 in double...
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9 February 2010

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Tuesday, 9 February 2010 1:17 PM
Subject: 78 hours


I have passed 75 hours on the engine/ airframe with “Little Red”. The engine continues to start and run flawlessly. As I learn more about flying this airplane I feel this is a great combination. A few pictures attached.

My wife enjoys telling all the lookers how great the engine is to fly behind- She LOVES this airplane.


Fuel stops still take a lot of time- refueling is about 5 minutes but the talking to the crowd takes about an hour.

We see around 108 MPH as a good cruise speed at 3220 RPM

Fuel consumption at 6.1 Gal/ Hr.

On the 5200 ft runway I am at 1000 ft AGL when I get to the end of the runway and turn crosswind for departure.

Thank you for the great engine.

I look forward to seeing you at Oshkosh this year.

Best Regards

Aside: The scoop houses the air cleaner which would dampen the effects of any ram air which are not desirable when using the Bing carb.  With 75hrs It obviously works OK.  Other than that its just a pic up for cold air and feeds it to the carb via the air filter/cleaner.

21 November 2009

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Saturday, 21 November 2009 10:09 AM
Subject: RE: Rotec Radial Engines - Enquiry

Paul, Ben

I have 70 hours on the engine now and could not be more pleased with the engine and aircraft.

Take off performance and climb is remarkable. When I have the time I will be trying the new TBI, but the Bing has offered great service. I am getting 108 MPH airspeed at 3200 RPM with 24-25 ltrs per hour. If I back off a slight bit and cruise at 100 MPH the burn is around 21-22 ltrs per hour. I am running the 76 x 55 propeller.

The engine has performed flawlessly.

I keep an oil catch under the stacks and the intake drains while the airplane is in the hanger. There is a bit of oil from the stacks after shut down while the airplane is in the hanger but I recycle the oil back to the engine. Oil consumption during flight is almost not measurable.

I have given many rides now to other pilots who all have said “WOW” when I push the throttle forward for take off. The acceleration and climb is unique.

At 14000 ft density altitude, the airplane at full gross is still climbing at 450-500 ft per minute.

This engine –airplane combination is exactly what I wanted – FUN- AND- My Wife loves this airplane!

I intend to use this engine model again in the near future on a new project.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,
William Prokes
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12th August 2009:

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Wednesday, 12 August 2009 10:02 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: Meeting at Oshkosh


It was good meeting you at Oshkosh.

We discussed a few items you recommend to keep in the airplane for cross country flying {Rotec Emergency Kit} and I wish to have you send me the items we discussed. As I remember we spoke of a couple of alternator belts, an electronic pick-up, ignition modules, rotors, and anything you might suggest.

I have just finished flying the Kitfox past the 40 hours required and have completed flight testing. I will be taking a few trips in the near future and would like to have these items on board. I hope Oshkosh was good and profitable.

I will continue to promote your products as I travel. When I fuel up it takes about 10 minutes to fuel and an hour to talk to all the people that gather around.

Performance of the Kitfox is as follows:

Stall clean ; 41 mph indicated
Cruise : approx 108 mph at 3200 RPM
Climb at 4,500’ density altitude at 1150 lbs = 1400 FPM ---1250 lbs = 1200 FPM – and at 1320 lbs=900 FPM
Climb at 13,000’ density altitude at 1320 lbs – 480 FPM
Stall w/ flaps 5 deg – 38 MPH indicated
Fuel burn at cruise- 8000’ density altitude, 3200 RPM - 6.4 GPH producing 108 MPH true air speed.
Fuel burn at full power ( take off and climb) 8 GPH


Photo attached of Little Red at Estrella Sailport ( a Glider Operation) in Arizona( E68)- the Estrella Mountains in the background.

Best Regards

14th April 2009:

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Tuesday, 14 April 2009 4:28 PM
Subject: Rotec prop


Just a note to let you know that my Kitfox N419BM is now flying. First Flight on April 5th.

Second flight was made this last weekend April 12.

This is a remarkable combination of engine and airframe. So far the airplane climbs at around 1400’ per min. and I have not worked on determining Vy yet ( field elevation 1220’).  Speeds approx 33 stall clean and cruise around 110 at 3100 RPM.

I hope to pick some up with the wheel pants and additional fairings. I will keep you posted as I progress through the testing.

Engine starts and runs flawlessly. Sounds GREAT. I have 3 hours on airplane now and am beyond happy.

Just wanted to say Thank You for all your efforts and I will send photos. This is not only a beautiful engine that sounds great, but a real pleasure to fly behind.

Best Regards

26 December 2008 - Kitfox blows some smoke:

Click to play video of Bill Proke’s Kitfox 4 and engine start up.

16th December 2008

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Tuesday, 16 December 2008 11:43 AM
Subject: RE: Propeller

Attached photo of the Kitfox. We are just about ready to start testing. Any idea of shipping date on the Rotec prop?
Merry Christmas!
Best Regards

22 October 2005

From: Bill Prokes
Sent: Saturday, 22 October 2005 4:01 AM
Subject: Rotec Engine Mount

... I have been buried with work and have only recently been able to get to the Kitfox .

I am attaching a few photos.

Just now starting to design the oil tank, firewall etc. The {Rotec manufactured} engine mount fits BEAUTIFULLY! My compliments to the fabricator.

If you notice from the photos I have built new landing gear to give me approx 6-7” prop clearance when the airframe is level. We have very rocky conditions and need a little extra clearance.

Rotec Manufactured Engine Mount For Bill's Kitfox 4

... Everyone that stops by is very impressed with your craftsmanship.

Best Regards

William Prokes
President and CEO
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