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Rotec R2800 Powered Nieuport 28
Owner: Blake Thomas
Status: Flying Since February of 2009

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About Blake Thomas:

Blake has seen was active duty in the US Air Force for 25 years, flying all models of the F-15.  He is currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines. 

Blake is also a  qualified instructor in the MIG-15, 17, and 21. 

Blake picked the Nieuport 28-C1 to build because it was the first fighter that any American flew, and two of the squadrons that flew this particular WWI Nieuport are the 27th and 94th, which, as it turns out, are also the same squadrons that flew the F-15 during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

About The Nieuport 28:

Blake purchased his full scale Nieuport 28 kit from Airdrome Aeroplanes early 2008 and took delivery of his Rotec R2800 by May of 2008.

The build progress was quick with the plane completed and flying by February of 2009.

More information on the Kit is available fro Airdrome Aeroplanes (Robert Baslee) who are Rotec Agents and will be happy to look after your RotecRadial requirements...

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Machine guns added!

Thumbs up for a great plane!
Blake's Nieuport 28 In flight.
Blake's skill and and attention to quality in the build is apparent in the completed aircraft.
Some progress pics of the build, From the Instrument panel to cockpit and mounting the Rotec R2800

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