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Rotec R2800 Powered Fisher Classic
Info: 1st of its kind to take a Rotec Radial
Status: 45% Complete
Owner: Bob Olden

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An Introduction to Bob Olden's Fisher Classic Project Towards Making It A Mini Stearman:

About Bob and his Objectives:

This is the first Fisher Classic to be powered by a Rotec R2800. Bob has chosen to make it into a "mini Stearman" which will make its presence in Navy colours similar to the one shown lower right..

The project was started quite some time back but stalled for a period. Now progress made is steady considering Bob only works on the project for only 1/2 the year moving to warmer climes during the cold winter months of Illanois..

The Fisher Classic is a small plane and as a consequence, in the initial stages, some difficulties were encountered in designing a engine mounting frame - Bob, with support from the Rotec Factory, finally overcame all the design problems and having settled on a swing mount instructed Rotec to build and supply the frame to be delivered with the Rotec R2800 on order

It is predicted that this aircraft will be nothing short of sensational! Rotec look forward to it being on display on our Booth at Osh 2011.

A Short Historical Review on the Navy's Stearman:

Lloyd C. Stearman founded the Stearman Aircraft Company in 1926.

In 1938 the Stearman Aircraft Company became the Stearman Aircraft Division of the Boeing Aircraft Company who at the time introduced the Kaydet.

The Kaydet became a success during World War II. With its rugged construction it made an ideal aircraft as a trainer the U.S. Army Air Corps (PT-13/-17) and U.S. Navy (NS/N2S).

Many Stearman aircraft can be found in use through out the World, some as crop dusters and many more for the enthusiasts who love the feel of open cockpit flying and just plain love radial engines... No matter what the model it is to be noted that only radial engines were used to power Stearman's, hence the choice of a Rotec R2800 radial by Bob Olden.

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May 2011:

Bob Writes: I have been in  AZ all winter there has been no progress to speak of on my 3/4 Stearman.

My friend, Jim Robinson agreed to take the whole Fuselage (see attached photo taken at the National  Stearman Flyin last Sep) to Oshkosh for the week and bring it back at the end if you still would like to have it parked in your booth.

Please let me know if you are still interested my plane for your booth

Thanks, Bob Olden (Rotec look forward to having Bob's R2800 Powered Mini Stearman On Our Booth! )

August 2010 - Rain stops:

. .

On Schedule August 2010 - Bob writes:

I finally hung my engine yesterday. Enclosed is the closest pic I can get inside my hanger. I was pouring down rain outside. When it stops, I'll roll it outside.

Bob Olden

(looking forward to seeing the pics when it stops pouring...)


23rd June 2010 Bob Writes:

My schedule is as follows:

1)  Get the lettering and numbers on the fuse next Wed;

2)  Take the fuse to my hanger (I do all of my building in my garage) where the engine is now within the next two weeks;

3)  Hang the engine and begin plumbing and wiring installation by the last week in August;

4)  Then, get as much installation done as I can before the 3rd week in Sep...

. . .

Attached are a couple of progress photos but once I get the fuse numbered and the engine and tail on it (by Labor Day), I can get you much better shots of the overall fuse if you would like to see some.

And, if I can get the engine installation far enough along this year, next Summer I plan to build the wings when I have the whole garage to work in.

Bob Olden


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