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Rotec Power in New Zealand Rotec Radial R2800 on a Pietenpol
Owner: Bob Wagner
Status: 85% completed.

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Bob Wagner and his Modified Pietenpol:

BobWagner and this RotecRadialProjectSun 5th May, 2013 Bob Writes:

The Pietenpol I am building is not strictly a Pietenpol. I have built my aircraft using the basic Pietenpol plan as a general reference but have included a number of mods. For example I’ve made the fuselage 12 inch’s longer and 2 inch’s wider and also increased the wingspan by 2 ft 2 inchs over a standard Pietenpol.

The longer fuse allows more forward room in both cockpits as well as better authority for the rear control surfaces.

A 2 inchs wider fuse allows a wider front seat pan. The original Pietenpol plan has a front seat of just 11 inchs wide and that requires a pretty small bum to sit on. The front seat is now 13 inch’s wide.

Greater wing span and stronger laminated spars will allow for greater weight carrying ability. MAUW will now be 1320 lbs (600 kg). This MAUW weight will be entered in the documentation to keep it within the NZ microlight category.

I’ve done some weighing checks as I have been building and I expect the empty weight will be not\ more than 725 lbs (330 kg). The original Pietenpol plans in the 1932 “Flying and Glider Manual” show an empty weight at 625 lbs but I’ve never found anyone who has built one that light. 

Other mods I included were fitting seat belt anchor points front and rear and making rudder pedals (not rudder bar) for
toe brakes along with various other bits and pieces.

I’ve still got fuel tanks to make, connect up the hydraulic brakes and a few other things to do and its ready to taxi.
I will probably taxy it with no fabric just to see what we shall see.

Im currently waiting for a wooden aircraft guru from Christchurch to come and look over my work before I cover the
Wings and tail feathers. He is a busy man so he will get here when he gets here.

In NZ home built aircraft do not have official “stage inspections” as such. The only time CAA become involve is pre test
flight and they only come to inspect for correct documentation and placarding on the aircraft in fact a single place home
built microlight aircraft does not legally require log books. 

Cheers - Bob Wagner.

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April 2013: Build is well advanced

Bob writes 10th April 2013: My Pietenpol

I have temporally assembled it to rig the wings and tail feathers, check weight and balance, run electrical. Cables tune up the suspension and lots of other things

It will fly this year

A photo of the instrument panel (pilots) of my Pietenpol showing the tachometer. This is only to identify the tachometer Rotec supplied with my R 2800 engine.

Bob Wagner

Rotec Radial Powered Piet ready for covering
Instrumentaion used for Rotec Powered Piet.

Reserved for additional milestones during Bob' Build

Mid June 2008: Bob begins to consider the mount details for his Rotec R2800 powered Pietenpol:

The first pdf shows the structure of the Pietenpol bracket that allows for a swing mount.
The second pdf shows a scaled drawing in which the relative positions of the engine and the frame correspond to the Pietenpol's firewall.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the drawings. If you do not have it loaded its free from Click on thumbnails to expand the drawings>>

Pier Brackets for Rotec Radial Relative positioning of Rotec to Piet firewall

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