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Rotec R3600 on a Vans Aircraft RV-8R
Owner: Brian Kelly
Status: 75% Complete

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Brian Kelly's VANS Aircraft RV 8R Project:

Brian Writes:

From: Brian Kelly
Sent: Saturday, 10 March 2012 6:28 AM
To: <>
Subject: RV-8R update for your web page

Hi Paul,

Here is the latest update on the RV-8R project.  In between flying for the airlines and moving to Florida the cowling is progressing quite well with the ram air intake formed as well as the divergent duct is in place.  The aircraft is a standard RV-8 with a new firewall top and bottom to accommodate the R-3600.  The top skin and intermediate bulkhead are new and carry a lofted shape to the standard RV-8 instrument panel.  Also the turtle deck has been raised and a new canopy installed. 

The new aircraft shape is reminiscent of an F6F Hellcat and will be painted up in navy colors.  Attached are some pictures of the latest progress.  Please post this to your web page and I'll provide more pictures as the project progresses.

Everyone can follow my progress at

All the best,

Brian Kelly



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March 13, 2012 - Working on cooling and the fibre glass cowl:

Left: Option 1 for cooling: Jury is still out on cowl flaps like those on an F8F.

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Right Option 2 for cooling.

November 17, 2011 - Firewall and moulding ready for fibre glassing:

Setting up the foam for the mould to use in fibre glassing

Best regards,
Brian Kelly

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