Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane

Rotec R2800 Powered 75% Storch.
First Flight: Late 2002.
Owner: Andrew Bullard (Queensland)
Status: Flying

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Andrew's Storch was built in 2001 and took to the skies in 2002:

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Taxi Home.
Andrew, Paul and Geoff
Taxi Home

Geoff does some low level stuff
Touch 'n Go

Flight Home To Garah...

Radio Transmission during flight:

Andrew & Paul:
"Andrew and I listened in as Geoff (the test pilot and engine installer) radioed his progress. On the first leg from Port Macquarie to Armidale (approx. 1/3 distance) he reported that the engine was going very strong and he was happy"

Geoff Hook:
...on the radio that the engine felt like "it was really settling in" and that it had picked up all along the way (run in). Within 10K he called for us to meet him out on the run way where he would do some low stuff. He did and boy was it great.

Paul: ...
All temps good. Power good. 750ft/min climb. No oil leaks. 21ltrs/hr Cruise at 75% and 75knts (that's good for the high drag Storch) Geoff also commented that the fuel burn and power was better than the Rotax 912. All Good News!.

Andrew, who is a cropduster pilot: ...With 2 people onboard the engine provided 700ft/min climb rate at 3100 rpm (out of a maximum 3700rpm) in comfort; an impressive engine in all aspects..."

Andrew Bullard: "... very happy and impressed with the plane and the engine... Very happy with Rotecs service ... happy to have my email address on the website ..." email Andrew :

With the Rotec installed and tested it was time for Andrew to take his Storch Home.

Geoff would pilot the aircraft from Port Macquarie to Andrews Property at Garah.

Flight Plan: Taking the plane home from Port MacQuarie to the property at Garah.

Stop over in Armidale to re-fuel (see map)..

Through 'tiger country' (Rough terrain) . .. over the mountains ...

As the crow flies its 411K (255 miles)

The in flight photos above are supplemented with interesting radio communications between Geoff (pilot) and Rotec's Paul...

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Engine mounted and fully installed. Rotec Radial R2800 starts up...

Rotec's Paul and Geoff do some final tune ups...

. .

Installation and flight testing was done by Geoff Hook - Well known aviator and plane builder in Port Macquarie (NSW)

. . .

2001: Geoff Hooks Workshop

. .

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