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Rotec R2800 Powered Funk
First Flight: 4th Sept 2009 (test flight)
Owner: David McCandless
Status: Flying

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David McCandless and his 1st of a kind Funk B project:



< photo of David McCandless

The Funk was manufactured by the Funk Aircraft Company.

Its reliably estimated that some 337 Aircraft were produced in a period between 1941 and 1948 at which time aircraft manufacture ceased.

The original Funk B was powered by a Lycoming (75HP) and later a Continental (85HP)

The company survives to this day manufacturing gears.

Of the 337 its estimated 200 have survived. David has one of these and its estimated his was manufactured in 1946 as Model Funk B and equipped with a C85 engine.

In the above pictures of the "before" and "after", the transformation is nothing short of sensational reflecting the care an quality of David's Work. The problem for David now is that whenever he lands people gather round to have look at his Rotec Radial powered Funk B - its definitely not the "ho-hum see it before " associated with a standard 4 stoke horizontally opposed engine...

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16th September 2010 - More photos of completed Funk:

. .

Performance Testimonial & More:

From: david mccandless []
Sent: Tuesday, 20 July 2010 11:00 AM
To: rotec factory
Subject: Funk R2800 installation

To the Rotec Team

I now have my 1946 Funk flying with the Rotec R2800 fueled with the Rotec TBI. It performs better that I ever imagined.

The whole installation turned out to be a very pleasing exercise in aircraft home engineering. There were minor glitches along the way and the Rotec factory support in solving those glitches was most appreciated.

When I got myself into a hole (almost literally !) with the lubrication system due to my own stupidity, the factory came up with a positive 'can do, can fix' solution that has culminated in a vast increase in my knowledge of, and confidence in, my R2800.

The TBI is not a complicated piece of equipment, but it still must be installed and tuned correctly for satisfactory performance. The fact that Paul was always available on email or at the end of the phone for advice made the whole installation a simple series of steps.

Timely backup with improved components, supplied free of charge along the way has left me with a feeling that Rotec were interested seeing my Funk project through to a successful conclusion and that it was not just 'another engine sale'.

Please feel free to refer any potential customers to me should they wish to discuss any aspects of my engine fit experience.

With my best regards and thanks,
Dave McCandless
email :
08 9295 0685

Download the above testimonial as pdf:


4th September 2009 David Reports:

Hi Paul,

Fitted the Tridon TIM018, runs sweet as a nut.

Took Funk for test flight, all OK. R2800 never missed a beat; I am very

I think someone took a pic so I shall send one to Jim.


BR, Dave

Fitting and Finishing The Cowl:

. . .

Making The Cowl:

. . . . .

23rd July 2009 - David Writes:

Hi Jim and Paul, Got a good start today...

A couple of shots of the start, I used the old C85 prop, 71 x 48 inch pitch, for 2700 rpm; my new prop, 72 x 56 inch pitch, is due any day now.

The big bolt spacers are used because these are the new bolts for the fatter wood prop.

Enjoy Oshkosh,

. . . .

By January 2009 the engine is mounted:

. .

David takes delivery of his R2800 on the 26th November, 2008 and starts work on the conversion.

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