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Rotec R2800 Powered Fisher Celebrity
Status: Flying
Owner: David Shirey
First Flight: Late 2009

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David Shirey's R2800 Powered Fisher Celebrity

Specifications - Fisher Celebrity
Wingspan 22’
Wing Area 176 sq. ft.
Wing Gap 38”
Aileron Area 20 sq. ft.
Length 17’6”
Height 6’
Tail Span 7’
Engine HP Rotec R2800 110 HP
Seats 2/Tandem dual controls
Design Loads +4 -2.5g
Gross Weight 1,230 lbs
Empty Weight 600 lbs
Fuel Capacity 13 gallons
Field Assembly Time 30 min

David flew his 'Celebrity' to Osh 2010 and displayed it on Rotec's Booth at Osh 2010 wining praise and admiration for the quality and attention to detail he employed in the build.

The Fisher Celebrity is available from Fisher Flying Products see:

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December 2009 - David sends Rotec a photo of his finished aircraft:

Osh 2010 - David displays his Fisher Celebrity on Rotec's Booth:

David's Rotec Powered Fisher Celebrity Draws Admiration and Attention at Osh 2010!


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