Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane

Rotec R2800 Powered Fisher Celebrity
Owner: Derek Dyer
Status: Flying. 1st Flight 13-Sept-2010


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Derek Dyer's Fisher Celebrity (1st of a kind in Australia and RAA Grand Champion 2011):

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April 2011: Congratulations to Derek for Winning Grand Champion at RAA's 2011 Fly-in

General Info:

Derek Dyer
Fisher Celebrity Specifications
power plant (110 HP) Rotec R2800 - with Rotec TBI
propeller 76"x55"
length 17' 6"
wing span 22 ft.
wing area 176 sq ft
seats 2
takeoff distance, ground roll 350 ft
max speed 95 mph
cruise speed 80-85 mph
stall, power off (Vsl) 40 mph
never exceed speed (Vne) 120

Plans Supplied By: Fisher Flying Products
Web link for Fisher Flying Products:

First Flight Took Place On The 13th of September 2010.
August 2010: A great looking finished aircraft ready for flight...
Now up close on details:    


By July 2010 the Rotec R2800 fires up and makes some wind:
Paintwork is done by March of '10. The plane is all but complete and the engine fires up for a 1st start in July '10


March 09 through to September 09:
By March of 09 the framework is completed. Details such as a cowl are attended to. By September 09 The covering is completed.


... steady progress continues through to November 2008:
August 08 tail feathers done. Rotec R2800 arrives in September. 08 and by November Derek trial mounts the engine.

Steady progress made from October 2007 through to May 2008:
October of '07 work on the plans is well under way. By April of '08 the wings are constructed; followed by the fuse in May '08


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