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Rotec R2800 Powered Nieuport 16
Owner: Eric Driver & Brian Greenall
Status: Under Construction (25%)


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Aerosport Pty Ltd


Eric Driver and Brian Greenall's Nieuport 16 Project.

Nieuport 16 Specifications:


Data from "The Aerodrome"

Introduction to the Nieuport 16:

In 1916 an improved version of the Nieuport 11 appeared as the Nieuport 16. It was a Nieuport 11 airframe powered by the 110 hp (92 kW) Le Rhone 9J rotary engine.

Visible differences included a larger aperture in front of the "horse shoe" cowling and, at least in some cases, a pilot headrest fairing.

Later versions had a deck-mounted synchronized Vickers gun, but in this configuration the combined effect of the heavier 9J engine and the heavier Vickers gun compromised manoeuvrability and made the craft decidedly nose-heavy.

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September 2011: World Cup Russian Rugby Team Visits Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre for their capping ceremony ... After which they show great interest in the Russian Nieuport...

Rusian Rugby side with Russian RotecRadial powered Nieuport

September 2011: The Russian scheme is applied by Chris the Artist

Mermaid and Venus painted on each side of fuselage
On display ready for the Russians (above)

June 2011 through to August 2011: Fabric covering through to painting

covering begins
progresses to fuselage
completed rudder and feathers
completed fuselage

April 2011: Decision made on a Russian Scheme based on an Actual Aircraft (see following):

One side will be a mermaid the other side "Sleeping Venus" taken from an actual painting by Giogio Da Castel Franco:

December 2011: Engine mount and oil tank fitted to firewall

Excellent example showing the relative positioning of all the components

September 2010: Wing under way:

Rex and Brian hard at it

August 2010: Eric and Brian takes delivery of his Rotec R2800 for their Nieuport 16.

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