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Rotec R2800 on a Bushbaby
Owner: George Brink - builder Boet Loubser
Status: Flying as of August 2009
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South African Bushbaby

1st of its kind to be Rotec Radial R2800 powered.

Arguably the "Bushbaby" is South Africa's most popular kitplane. The Bushbaby came into being in 1994 and is based on a Kitfox 4. Since 1994 over 160 kits have been produce by 2010 with several ending up in Australia.

Under the control of Boet the project rapidly progressed from 2007 to flight in 2009.

A heartening testimonial from Boet:

"At first I was very nervous about the whole project, but your engine is very user friendly. The most difficult part was making the engine mount, but then even that was not too complicated"

Photo: the late George Brink (right)& builder Boet Loubser (left) getting "The Animal" ready for its first flight.

All of us at Rotec would like to pass on our condolences to the Brink family and friends on the passing of George and his father who were involved in a fatal accident flying George's Cessna (C182RG) during the 2011 Presidents Trophy Air Race.

His Rotec powered Bushbaby "The Animal" was in no way involved and has been sold to Stefan Coetzee (Link )

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26th August 2009: Flight!


Take off
Touch 'n go

Mountains beckon! Ready for ignition.

Getting "The Animal" to the strip.

Boet Writes: A big THANK YOU to you guys for going the extra mile for my client. He is very happy, for the fact that his plane has seen blue sky underneath the wheels. Yes, the "Animal" has flown. I was a little nervous to take this man`s toy, and fly it, but I did. What a pleasure. What a SOUND!!!, I will buy a Rotec radial, no doubt
Final checks for 1st Flight

May 2009: The engine is fully installed, the wiring for the greater part is done. The rest of the aeroplane is complete.

Completed waiting on paperwork. Brilliant work done!

By April 2009: the wings were finished and attached, wiring oil and fuel lines installed. Cowl being finished. Ready for a 1st start

Left spinner and prop attached Right Instruments
Cowl Being Installed

wings finished and attached

By March of 2008: oil tank was installed and cleaned up.

From Boet: As I can not weld aluminium, I had to make other plans for an oil tank. A disposable pressure tank used for air conditioner gas is just the right size. Not too heavy, steel, and therefore weldable. Holds 9 liters!! I made up an Alu bracket that bolts onto the frame, with the existing engine mounting bolts. Works like a charm. :-)

Tank before cleaning

By early 2008 the engine mount was fabricated and the engine subsequently mounted

Various views of the engine mounted to Boet's engine mounting frame.

Between 2007 and early 2008: Kit is purchased and assembled. Early 2008 the fuse is covered. Wings assembled but not covered.

Complete Frame
Frame Coated
Fuselage Covering

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