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Rotec R2800 Powered Fokker DR1
Owner: Graham Orphan
Status: 60%

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Graham Orphan An Rotec R3600 Powered DR! Project

Graham Orphan's Fokker DR1


The Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker was a World War I fighter aircraft built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. The Dr.I saw widespread service in the spring of 1918.

Foker DR1 Original Specifications:

Wingspan: 7.19 m
Length: 5.77 m
Top speed: 185 km/h
First flight: July 1917
Manufacturer: Fokker


Project Notes from Graham:

This was a project purchased in the USA.

The woodwork is lovely but the welding was so bad (it had been hidden under body-filler and then primed) that we had to scrap it and source another fuselage.

This project required many steps backwards before we were able to move forwards but is well advanced now and is pretty much ready to put everything together. 

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From: Graham Orphan
Sent: Wednesday, 17 July 2013 2:47 PM
To: Rotec
Subject: Tri Plane Rotec R3600 start-up

Rotec R3600 HL check

Hi All,

Many thanks for the page updates. That is great to see and I really LOVE that Hatz.  

For your files, here are some photos of the Triplane.  Apart from the Rotec instead of a rotary, it is a very faithful reproduction, and more accurate than any Triplane this side of the Equator at this stage.  The beautiful AXIAL style propeller was built by Brent Thompson (with hand on prop) from Rangiora. It is not quite finished yet, and will be finalised after we resume engine runs once the TBI arrives. The carburetor has proved unsatisfactory so we have decided not to persevere with it and to replace it with a TBI instead (is there a market for new Bing carbs, only slightly used????).

We're holding off covering the fuselage until the TBI is on, and the engine running smoothly, as it gets hard to access the rear of the engine once the wooden side plates are permanently affixed and the fabric is on.  We have carried on and covered the rest of the aeroplane, most of which has been finish painted as well, so there's not a whole lot left to do in fact.  All metal work has been completed, instruments finalised etc etc., so there's not far to go at all.

Cheers for now,

Rotec R3600 start up on Tri plane
Rotec R3600 on Tri plane with engine running

From: Graham Orphan Sent: Friday, 5 October 2012 5:35 AM To: Rotec Subject: DR1 comming along nicely

Hi Jim,

Just a quick follow-up.  Triplane is coming along well.  I expect to start covering wings and tail-group next week. The fuselage will be held up by the guy doing the petrol tank (who got side-tracked helping with the finishing of the Mosquito in Auckland), and by the engine installation. The guys are actually starting to run out of things to do.

Have not had word back from Paul and Andrea re the items mentioned in your last correspondence. I am assuming they are as busy as everyone else. 

Apart from engine installation, we're thinking it likely that this will be the most authentic Fokker Triplane flying anywhere in the southern hemisphere when it's done and we're working hard to get it finished in time to open the Classic Fighters show here at Easter next year.

Hope something can be done to expedite that R3600 to help get this thing done in time.

BTW, Russ Turner's Sopwith Baby looks stunning! [Link]


DR1 on its landing Gear (will be powered by a Rotec R3600)
DR1 on its landing Gear (will be powered by a Rotec R3600)
DR1 on its landing Gear (will be powered by a Rotec R3600)
Wings attached assembly on the gear. Will look sensational with Rotec Radial attached!

Triplane Rotec R3600 project
Triplane Rotec R3600 project
Triplane Rotec R3600 project
Trial assembly (middle picture shows the original fuselage that was rejected)

Fuselage with parts added (Rotec project for DR1)
Fuselage with parts added (Rotec project for DR1)
Parts being installed into painted fuselage (still awaiting the 50 turn-buckles for diagonally bracing the fuselage)

Top coat applied to DR1 Frame (Rotec Radial Project)
Top coat applied to DR1 fuse (Rotec Radila R3600 project)
Graham Orphan applying top coat to new fuselage

The fuselage that came with the purchase from the USA was scrapped because the welding was bad with the faults hidden under body-filler and then primed for further covering the faults. Right: John Evans with the new primed fuselage ready for top coating.
Fuselage for DR1 which will be powered by Rotec's R3600


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