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Rotec R2800 Powered Warner Sportster II
Info: 1st of its kind to take a Rotec Radial
Status: Flying
Owner: Harry Leopold
First Flight: Summer of 2010 ( Article )

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Harry Leopold's R2800 Powered Warner Sportster II

In the year 2000 Rotec came into being and by early 2001 the first production engine was manufactured to be exhibited at Osh 2001. Guess who bought this engine - yes it was Harry!

By the summer of 2010 (progress though slow, was methodical, with Harry's eye firmly fixed on quality) the R2800 rumbled into action and the Warner Sportster enjoyed its first flight.

Not only is Harry's Sportster the first of its kind to be fitted with a Rotec Radial; its in fact a first of its kind to be fitted with the first of its kind by way of a Rotec radial! Now thats a mouthful but I guess you know what I mean.

Many thanks to Harry (and his son Gary) in sending us great photos of each the milestones reached during the build towards the final day when the Sportster took to the skies over Iowa.

An exciting time for all, none more so than for Rotec to see its first production engine come to life... Well Done Harry and Gary

See also an article by © 2010, Paul Berge in Antique Airfield

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Summer of 2009 - Flying:

See also an article by © 2010, Paul Berge in Antique Airfield

Flying - Note the exposed engine

By July of 2007 The Warner Sportsterwas completed:

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Completed aircraft...

By January 2004 significant progress made:

Wings well under way ..
Great overall progress made
Traditional bump cowl nearing completion (later discarded) ...
Gauges in place ...

September 2002 - Frame designed built and engine mounted. Oil tank mock up:

Engine mount completed and ...
Engine mounted
Mock up for an oil tank

March 2002 - positionsing the engine before manufacturing the mounting frame:

Harry is determening the distances from the firewall and the thrustline so as to design and build an engine mount ...


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