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Rotec R2800 Powered Rans S-7 (first of its kind)
Owner: Jim Bardwell
Status: Under Construction (35%)

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Introduction to Jim Bardwell's Rans S-7 Project

A first of its kind to be fitted with a Rotec Radial R2800:

RANS S-7: Quick Specification
Wing Span 29 ft 3 in
Area 147.1 sq ft
Mean Chord 5 ft
Aspect 5.85:1
Length 23 ft. 3in.
Height 6 ft 3 in
Cockpit Width 30 in
Headroom.Front/Rear 42 in/36 in
Legroom.Front/Rear 41.5 in/40 in
Number of Seats 2
Doors 2
Landing Gear TD
Baggage Volume 10 cu ft
Baggage Capacity 50 lbs
Fuel Capacity 18 gal US/ 16.75 Useable Jim Bardwell Order's R2800 at Osh08

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16th August 2010: Covering Stabalisers,

. .

Osh 2010: Video of Rotec's Paul helping to tune Jim's Rotec R2800 at Osh 2010

Monday, 16 August 2010 Jim Bardwell Writes:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for all your help again, for getting my engine all tuned up.

... . I had the engine running yesterday again and it runs very well.  Also when we got the engine running in Oshkosh (2010), one of my buddies video taped the whole thing and put it on you tube.  If you want to take a look at it the link is:  -so thanks again, I really appreciate all of your help. I am very pleased with the engine.

Jim B


28th December 2008: Fuse and wings ready for covering


25th October 2008: Kit arrives, parts laid out, under carriage and Tundra wheel and tail wheel installed, plans for frame

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