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Rotec R2800 Powered Little Looper
Original Owner: Jim Hoyle
Current Owner: Mike Grisham as of mid 2007
Status: Flying

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Beachy "Little Looper" Project - 1st of a kind and 1st pusher for Rotec Radial. Introduction by Jim Hoyle:

The antique aircraft I am building is a replica of the Beachey-Eaton Biplane. You can find info on it on the web site and go to the Beachey-Eaton Biplane or Vern Dallman and the Little Looper. The replica I am constructing is still without shape. I have finished the wings and am starting construction on the fuselage ( if you can consider three rails and a seat a fuselage). I will send you something as soon as it has a fuselage with the engine in place.

Here's a little history on the plane...

Sometime in 1914 Lincoln Beachey sold the original "Little Looper" and I understand it later crashed and was never rebuilt. In approx. 1968 a replica was constructed by Walter Bullock (who was seventy years old), and flown sucessfully. The replica eventually ended being owned by Vern Dallman who lived about fifty miles from me. Vern recovered the aircraft around 1989 and went on a show tour flying in plane in airshows. I happened to see Vern fly at one of the shows. It always stayed with me. When I considered the possibility of constructing a second replica, I found that Vern had passed away, but his replica was in a aviation museum approx. one hundred miles from me. I gathered info from a number a sources and was given complete access to the replica.

Photos Courtesy Carroll F. Gray Aeronautical Collection

Photo #1 is the Little Looper Drawings. Photo #2 is Vern Dallman's replica that hangs in the Hiller Museum. Photo #3 is a replica of a Curtiss Headless Pusher that Walter Bullock also built, but it's not the Little Looper.

Jim Hoyle

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May 2011 - Completed and on display

From: Michael Grisham
Subject: Little Looper Pictures

Dear Rotec,

Here are some current pictures of the Little Looper at the Hollister Air Show this May 2011. After the Reno Air Race are finished we will be flying the rest of the time off to satisfy the FAA.

We should be getting some air time in the Little Looper this next season.

Michael Grisham


Monday May 19. 2008: Dear Rotec:

The Jim Hoyle Little Looper unofficially flew on Monday May 19. 2008.

Thank you for engine.

Michael Grisham
Owner of the Little Looper.

6th of March 2007: Video of Looper's First RotecRadial Engine Run:

(Camera guy nearly drops the camers as the RotecRadial fires up...)

July 2006: Change of ownership

From: Michael Grisham
Sent: Thursday, 20 July 2006 6:20 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: Jim Hoyle's Little Looper

Paul and Matthew:

Just thought I would send you an email letting you know I bought Jim Hoyle's Little Looper.

The airplane still needs to be finished up. At this time it is uncovered.

My friend Steven Lamb of Antique Aero of Hollister is in charge of completing the project.

Steven estimates that the Little Looper should be flying before the year ends.

Jim Hoyle did a fantastic job in building the air frame keeping in the original spirit of the Little Looper,
but also making it practical to fly in today's world.

Thank you for making a great round motor for the plane. We may have some questions.

I will keep you posted of the progress.


Michael Grisham

28/4/2004 Frame all but completed. Ready to cover

Period from March of 2002 through to March 2004:

Pilot control

Combo Oil and Fuel tank: front 3/4 for fuel, back 1/4 for oil. Double vented partition between the 2 to avoid heat transfer from oil to fuel

Engine Mounted, one wing attached as a trial mount. Jim with progress to date.

Assembly: Elivator, Rudder, Ailerons, Wings follwed by trial one wing attached withengine mounted

Struts - showing care to detail

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