Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec Radial R2800 on a Luscombe Phantom 2
Owner: John Deardon
Status: Flying since early 2009

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Luscombe Phantom II a Project by the Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Co:

Owners John and Carol Deardon have done a sensational job in completing this Luscombe 4 which they have named Phantom II.

Nothing short of sensational the Phantom II by Silvaire Aircraft Company took to the skies early 2009

Since then Plane&Pilot have posted up a video and a comprehensive article on this R2800 powered Phantom II. Written by Marc C. Lee with Air-To-Air Photos By Jessica Ambats its something not to be missed! Look out for the video that appears on page 1. Please Use this link >
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In June of 2010 the Phantom II was sold to a group (SOLARIS Group Aviation & Wind Sp. z o.o) in Europe and has had its cowl changed to a more traditional bump cowl. The plane in its current configuration was featured in Rotec Radial Photo of The Month for August 2012. To view the full sized engagement please click on the thumbnail on the right >

Vitit Luscombe Silverair website (USA) at

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This magnificent aircraft as it is today:

This magnificent aircraft took to the skies early 2009:

The following photos, taken early 2009, are Courtesy of Jessica Ambats © (Copyright) and were taken in the USA prior to the plane being sold and moved to Europe:

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