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Rotec R2800 Powered Kitfox SS7
Info: Winner Bronze Lindy Osh 2010
Status: Flying (1st flight June 2010)
Owner: John and Debra McBean owners of: Kitfox Aircraft LLC

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Aerosport Pty Ltd


One of the popular combinations - Rotec Radial Powered Kitfox SS7:

John and Debra McBean displayed this aircraft at Osh 2010 and were rewarded by wining a Bronze Lindy for their efforts.

If you are interested in building a Rotec powered Kitfox go no further and feel free to contact John or Debra who will be pleased to provide you with a kit and engine for your Kitfox. Please log onto their web site for more information.

More pics and video of this superb aircraft...

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Video of Kitfox In Flight

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In Flight (2010)
In the Snow (Winter 2010)

OSH 2010:

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As seen at Osh 2010

For more information click on the following photo to contact Kitfox LLC:

OR contact Rotec by email

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