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Rotec R2800 Powered Blériot XI Military
1st of a kind to take a Rotec Radial
Status: 100% Complete
Owners: Marcel Deschamps & Pierre Racette
1st Flight: Coming up now!

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Pierre Racette & Marcel Deschamps’s Blériot - 1913 Blériot XI Militaire Project:

Pierre and Marcel are building a 1913 Blériot XI Military replica which saw military service in Italy and France in 1910. During the early stages of World War I, eight French, six British and six Italian squadrons operated various military versions of the Blériot.

This project is not of a standard Blériot XI like the one Jacques De Lesseps flew across the English Channel. The "Militaire" saw action in WW1 and there are some variations to the craft, and to the building approach from the original. The most obvious being that this version is a two seater and armed.

Pierre and Marcel assembled a team of enthusiasts to complete the first of two aircraft (like the one featured left-above). This project is the first of these two planes.

An exciting project and all at Rotec look forward to tracking progress that Marcel Deschampes and Pierre Racette make towards flight.

This page is a tribute to the care and dedication towards getting all the details right by all of the friends who provided invaluable help:

Pierre Racette
Marcel Deschamps
Richard Boivert
Daniel Amireault

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August 2010 - Video of 1st start up:


Other Videos:

August 2010 - Construction Completed Ground Testing About To Start:

Dec 2007 - With a view to detail Pierre casts parts for the aircraft:

Fuel Pump
Wing Warp Pulley
Landing Gear Fork Spacer
Throttle Arm

October 2007 - Fuselage nearing completion - Engine mounted - Rotec prop attached:

. ..


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