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Rotec R3600 Powered Spacewalker II
Owner: Martin Hone (Rotec's Queensland Agent)
Status: Flying Since June of 2009
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Wednesday, 13 June 2007 - Martin Writes:

The Spacewalker II (aka Revolution II) is an open cockpit 2-seat tandem, low wing sport aircraft. It was designed in America by Jesse Anglin in the 1980's, along with the Karatoo, which took out Best New Aircraft at EAA's Oshkosh event in 1985.

The fuselage is a conventional chrome-moly steel tube truss arrangement, covered with synthetic fabric. It is VERY strong. The wings use wood spars, over which ply ribs are positioned. The wing is also fabric covered.

This arrangement of construction has been used successfully since the 1920's.

The undercarriage is conventional fixed gear with a tail wheel.

Originally powered with a 65 hp Continental or Lycoming engine, the Space-Walker will accept up to 150 hp depending on weight.

I will find out soon enough, as I intend to fit the Rotec R3600 radial with its 150 hp. From all reports the Space Walker flies beautifully, so with an extra 50 - 100 % more hp I expect the rate of climb to be very impressive.

The Space-Walker, because it already has all the classic features and style of the early aircraft, lends itself to the use of a radial engine. I will be modifying the basic boxy shape by making the firewall circular and continuing the rounded look back to the tail using the same materials and techniques used back in the 1920's and 30's. I will also be working up a conversion guide for others that may follow, and this may be offered as an option by Serenity Aviation, the current manufacturer of Space-Walker and Karatoo kits (

I started working on the conversion, which I call the Space Walker II-RR, around March 2007 and you can see pictures of the progress since then. Martin Hone.

As the Queensland Agent for Rotec Martin handles all Rotec products (Rotec Radial R2800, Rotec Radial R3600, Rotec's Fuel Injection system (TBI) and Liquid Cooled Heads (LCH) for Jabiru 2200, 3300 and 5100.

If you are up North he's the man who will assist in regards to any enquiry you might have.

Martin's Spacewalker is available for demo flights... Please use any of the following details:

phone: 0419-368-696
Demo Flights: Gatton Airpark

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Takeoff: December 21, 2011 It's the picture of the month for January 2012 {Link > }

Video Dec 2011: Various video camera positions in flight produce these sensational clips ...

Split-S with Spacewalker RR

Trying out the Drift HD170 camera. Mounted on my head, it is just like being there when played back. The end bit of video shows the G forces recorded : +2.3 and -0.2 g

Spacewalker - Cloud dancing

More Wing Cam mayhem. Although the manoeuvre looks like a loop, it is actually a Split-S, where the a/c is rolled inverted then pulled through in the bottom half of a loop. Minus 1 g when inverted and plus 2.3 g on the pull out at 120 kts
170 degree Camera (distorts prop) mounted on wing

Spacewalker - wing-overs

Having a bit of fun with the new camera and some coordination exercises



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Rotec R3600 Starts Up
Spacewalker Takes Off
Spacewalker Lands

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EAA Experimenter

Classic Wings
Issue 74

EAA 240 by
Chuck Shipman


June 2009 Martin Writes:"We have lift off ... It Flies"

Well, I guess I just ran out of excuses. 

Gave the engine some hard ground runs, then aimed it down Runway 19 for a lovely take-off, followed by sosme not-so-lovely landings.

But hey, we are both still in one piece.................... Marty

I went out for some testing yesterday and flew around at 5000 feet for a while.  The engine is running great.

T.O. rpm is a little over 3000 and I can get 3300 WFO in level flight (around 110 kts indicated)

Oil pressure is around 50 psi down to 40 psi in cruise with a temp of
170 deg F measured at the line coming out of the mini sump.

Fuel burn seems very interesting.  Averaging 21.5 litres per hour.. 


Great Pics of the Spacewalker II in flight:

Rotec R3600 Powered Spacewalker II Takes to the skies
Take off

June 2009: Static pics of finished Spacewalker II

Static display of the great work done by Martin Hone on his Rotec R3600 Powered Spacewalker II

April 2009 to June 2009: Plane painted, Collector ring attached ... first engine start ... All great with a smiling Martin ...

Ready for a start
1st Engine Run
A delighted Martin

October 2008 to April 2009: Engine mounted and wings completed.

Engine Mounted
Wings Attached
Wings Completed

April 2008 to June 2008: Mock up R3600 to firewall. Engineering the Mount and Martin's imagination unleashed...

Mocking up a trial mount...
Engineering the mount
Hanger Flying

December 2007 to March 2008: Engine being manufactured whilst Martin makes good progress on the build.

Assembling Martin's R3600
Fabric Covering
Brake Access Hatch

June 2007: Basics

Rounding Fuselage
Firewall and Alloy Panels

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