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Czech Republic
Rotec R2800 on a 85% Scale 1 & 1/2 Strutter
Owner: Petr Svoboda
Status: Flying since 10th Sept 2008

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Petr Svoboda's Sopwith 1 and 1/2 Strutter Project (85%Scale):

Petr Svoboda Decides To Us A Rotec Radial for his next projectPetr and Rotec have been in correspondence since late 2003 at which time he was looking for a suitable project to include with the R2800. After looking at several aircraft including the Fokker- EIII he settled in 2005 on, to Rotec's delight and excitement, the Sopwith One and a Half Stutter.

This Sopwith is a Two-Seater (R.F.C. Designation), or Sopwith Type 9400 (R.N.A.S. Designation), it made its appearance in December 1915. It was a trim biplane with single bays, and equal span wings. The center section struts consisted of steel tubes which were half the size of the outboard struts. Because of the shortness of the inboard struts, they had to be attached to the upper longerons of the fuselage rather than to the lower wing. This gave rise to the nickname '1 ½ Strutter'.

The 1 ½ Strutter was the first British airplane to go into action with a synchronized Vickers gun for the pilot.

One is not to be fooled by Petr's youth as it belies the vast experience gathered in the construction of award winning aircraft.

Old time but the new one will be fitted with a RotecPetr's first airplane built was a replica of a Piper L 4-H the second was a replica of British Fighter SE-5a (originally commissioned in 1917).

Petr's interest in these beautiful aircraft extends beyond construction to flying them at various air shows in simulated battle sequences.

The construction of Petr's 1and ½ Strutter is well underway and he is due to receive the R2800 shortly.

The excitement this project has generated is quite astonishing and we will be following progress closely

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Petr takes elated customer to experience the power of Rotec's R2800

Rotec Radial R2800 on Sopwith 1 and half strutter

From: Marek Minařík
Sent: Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:25 PM
Subject: Rotec Radial Joy Ride

BTW this year I flew with Sopwith replica with Yr engine, very strong, nice sound and maybe the nicest engine I have ever seen :-)


Marek Minarik

Strutter impressive with Rotec Radial R2800 Power

Completed aircraft since 2008...

Video of Rotec Powered Strutter
GREAT VIDEO! Click to play
  Flight completed Petr walk away from his Rotec powered strutter Rotec powered dogfight against Fokker tri plane  
Petr heads for debriefing
Rotec powers strutter to skies Rotec Radial Power On Sopwith Strutter zech Republic Magnificent Rotec powered Strutter
Petr Svoboda's Rotec Radial R2800 Powered 1 and 1/2 Strutter (85% scale) flying over Czechoslovakia


September 2008: First flight 10th Sept of Rotec powered Strutter

Rotec Powered Strutter 1st flight Sep 10
First flight of R2800 powered strutter as seen from the ground.

August 2008: Finishing touches and detailing...

Petr fining touches to Rotec powered Strutter
Peter doing some finishing to Rotec powered Strutter

January 2008: Engine mounted, wings and fuselage complete except for covering. Boys checking out cockpits...

Rotec Radial on A Sopwith 1 & 1/2 Strutter
Petr checking his seat
  Rotec R2800 Mounted Checking out Rotec Engine Mount from cockpit  
  Checking the view over the Rotec R2800  
Rotec Powered Sopwith Rotec Powered Strutter
Wing to fuselage...
Petr in gunners seat

September 2007: Rotec Radial R2800 Engine mounted to partially completed fuselage

Rotec R2800 plus prop Rear of Rotec R2800 on Strutter Cockpit on Rotec powered Strutter Engine R2800 (Rotec) monted to part finished fuselag
R2800 Mounted
Rear showing acc's

February 2007: Engine Mounted

  Imagine flying behind a Rotec radial Imagine flying the strutter behind a Rotec radial  
Boys having a bit of fun ...
Rotec R2800 Mounted to fuse of sopwith one and a half strutter Rotec's R2800 will power this strutter Rotec Radial R2800 Mounted
Rotec Radial R2800 Mounted To Strutter
Petr and the Rotec Radial


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