Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec R3600 Powered Avro 504K
Status: Flying as of Dec 2010
Lemos Oscar Abel
Builder: Pur Sang Aero Historic (Argentina)
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Pur Sang Aero Team (Left) that put together the 1st AVRO 504 LV-X373 for Jerry Yagen has now completed a second Avro 504 LV-X430 for Lemos Oscar Abel who has taken delivery and is flying the craft in Argentina.

The two aircraft built by the 'Team' are of the highest quality. The popularity and interest is such that they have placed an order for a further 3 engines with the option of taking an additional 2 to make it 5 in total. There is some consideration being given to build other aircraft replicas.

To Contact the Team: Andrés Butta
Establecimiento Pur Sang S.A.
+54-9-343-4-605-105 (abroad)
+0343-154-605105 (from Argentina)

Original Avro 504 Specs At a Glance:

General characteristics
Crew: 2
Maximum speed: 90 mph (145 km/h)
Length: 29 ft 5 in (8.97 m)
Cruise speed: 75 mph (126 km/h)
Wingspan: 36 ft (10.97 m)
Range: 250 mi (402 km)
Height: 10 ft 5 in (3.17 m)
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft (4,875 m)
Wing area: 330 ft² (30.7 m²)
Rate of climb: 700 ft/min (3.6 m/s)
Empty weight: 1,231 lb (558 kg)
Wing loading: 5.54 lb/ft² (18.2 kg/m²)
Max takeoff weight: 1,829 lb (830 kg)
Power/mass: 0.06 hp/lb (0.099 kW/kg)
Powerplant: 1× Le Rhône Rotary, 110 hp (82 kW)
Climb to 3,500 ft (1,065 m) in 5 min

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Avro In Flight - copy write and courtesy of Juan Mayer of Flymelon Films:

New Owner: Lemos Oscar Abel - Fray Inalican 506 (5500) - Mendoza - Mdz - Argentina

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