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Rotec R3600 Powered 85% Scale Sopwith Triplane
Owner: Renni Forbes (Queensland)
Status: Under Construction

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Brief History on the Sopwith Triplane (commonly known as the "Tripe"):

Manufactured By: The Sopwith Aviation Company (UK)
Designed By: Herbert Smith
First Flight: 28 May 1916
Introduced In: December 1916
Primary User: Royal Naval Air Service
Originally Powered By: 110HP Rotary Clerget 9Z (nine cylinder)
Originally Also Powered By: 110 HP Le Rhone Rotary
Functioned As: Fighter WW1
Super Seeded By: Sopwith Camel in 1917
Total Production: 147 Aircraft
Also Used By: French Naval Squadron (17 Aircraft)
Short Service History: because difficult to repair

Renni Forbes Sopwith Tripe Project:

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31st July - Wings and Fuselage Completed :

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