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Rotec R2800 Modified Bowers Flybaby
Owner: Rotec Factory (Demo Aircraft #1)
Status: Flying Since February of 2004

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Rotec R2800 Powered Bowers Flybaby

Unlike the original this has been modified to become a two seater with Rotec Radial power.

It started its flying in the USA and was imported to Australia to become Rotec Factory's demo aircraft. As a 2 seater its ideal to take customers, or potential buyers, for a demo on just how smooth and powerful the R2800 is; and the R2800 being less than an all up price of a ho-hum! O-200 or O235 makes the radial an ideal choice.

With the Rotec Radial up front it gathers people's interest and matter where it lands people surround the plane. Not not to mention that when displayed at shows or fly-ins its won over and above its fair share of awards.

There is nothing like the smell, smoke, and sound of a radial engine starting up! The Rotec does not disappoint in that regard and that's a part of why its so popular.

The twin seat Bowers Flybaby has been flying behind a Rotec since 2004 and by 2010 clocked up over 1000 hours.

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Here's a great video:

Over the subsequent years: some great pics of this award winning aircraft


February - March 2006: Flybaby being transported to its new home to a hanger at Tyabb airport. First take off

February 2006: Checks done, fuel up, power up and make optimising adjustments

February 2006: Flybaby arrives from the USA and the installation is fully checked and engine inspected.


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