Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec R3600 Powered Sopwith Camel (full scale)
Plane Completed and Flying as of July 2010
Rotec R2800 Powered Sopwith Baby. Completed July 2011 - will also be on display at Osh 2012
Owner: Russ Turner
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Russ has taken on 2 Sopwith projects:

Project 1: A full scale Rotec R3600 powered Sopwith Camel kit purchased from Airdrome Aeroplanes in 2009 was completed and flying by Osh 2010. This plane was displayed at Osh 2010.

Project 2: A Rotec R2800 powered "Baby" Sopwith which will be completed and on display at Osh 2011. Like the Sopwith Camel, the kit was purchased fro Airdrome Aeroplanes after Osh210 and the plane was completed in 12 months. Robert Baslee and Russ will be on the Rotec Booth at Osh 2011 for those interested in Airdrome's kits... Paul from Rotec will be on hand to handle all engine queries.

The "Baby" is featured at the top of this page and the "Camel" towards the bottom of the page.

Latest Updates are at the top. Project 1: Goto Start of Sopwith Camel Project 2: Goto Start of Sopwith Baby

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End Project 2 Sopwith "Baby"

This plane is almost ready fro flight and will be on display fie you to see at Osh 2012:

Ready for flight
Cockpit & Instuments
See Russ's plane at Osh 2012

Above pic received 21stJul 2011 - see the Bay Sopwith at Osh 2011
Rotec P2800 powered Sopwith Baby which will be completed and on display at Osh 2011

START PROJECT 2: Sopwith Baby

End Project 1 - Russ's Sopwith Camel:

Osh 2010 Russ's Sopwith Camel Was On Display At Osh 2010:

. . .
... to view more click > More On Osh 2010

July 2010: Russ's Sopwith Camel takes to the skies...

From: russ turner
Sent: Monday, 12 July 2010 11:25 AM
Cc: richard baslee
Subject: RE: The Airdrome R-3600 Sopwith Camel FLIES!!!!!! Part2

,,, Robert (from Airdrome Aeroplanes) is trailering the Camel to Oshkosh.

Robert had antique aviation author/photographer Eric Preston in a camera ship - here are a couple of air to air photos well showing the R-3600. He said from the ground it sounded like a LeRhone.

Looking forward to meeting you at OSH. Great engine. Best Russ

From: russ turner
Sent: Sunday, 11 July 2010 4:34 PM
Subject: The Airdrome R-3600 Sopwith Camel FLIES!!!!!!

It flies great.

550 lbs thrust on 90 x 48 prop, expect 600 once engine loosens up. On the learning curve on TBI behavior. Will discuss later and at OSH.

Many thanks for what has been a TERRIFIC little jewel of a motor. Photos attached. Expect air to air photos soon (see Part2 abve).

See you in Wisconson!

June 2010: Sopwith Camel Completed. Ready to test the Rotec R3600.

May 2010: Rotec R3600 mounted

September 2009: Work on the fuselage (full size pictures)

START OF PROJECT 1: Sopwith Camel

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