Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec R2800 on a Bushbaby
Supplier: Stefan Coetzee of Kitplanes of SA
Status: Flying - previous owner late George Brink

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Stefan Coetzee's South African Bushbaby:

Stefan is the owner\Accountable manager of Kitplanes For Africa, manufacture of the Bushbaby, Explorer and Safari range of aircraft.

The older Bushbabies are not manufactured any more but are still supported by the factory.  The Explorer is a bit larger version of the Bushbaby and the RotecR2800 is available as an option on the Explorer. The Safari with it's higher payload and larger airframe can accommodate both the R2800 and R3600. Stefan can help in both regards and his experience gained in the assistance in setting up "The Animal" provides a great base in providing support for anyone wanting to use a Rotec Radial in their project.

Stefan writes (Feb 2012):

The Original owner of the is aircraft was the late George Brink.

Kitplanes of SA did upgrades and Service Bulletin work (PSRU) here at the factory on the completed project.  The Airframe is my design and we also supplied the kit to Boet who then assembled the kit for George.  I see there is already a story about that on your site. Click on to >

I must say that your engine is selling itself here and I have had a lot of interest in it.  With George's Explorer we had a bit of trouble with the C of G because the engine is a bit heavy.  On landing the approach speeds had to be kept high in order to maintain elevator authority but I sorted that by installing the larger elevator of the Safari.  That solved the problem.  The Safari is a new design which is substantially larger than the Explorer, somewhere between a 150 and 172 if you want to compare it with something.  The fuselage is also about 600mm longer than the Explorer which gives it a much better moment arm for heavier engines up front.  I think it will be perfect  for any of the 2 engines


+27 82 601 8970

+27 86 671 7442

PO Box 326
South Africa

Kitplanes of SA Site

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February 2002: Stefan supplied recently taken photos of this great looking (and performing) plane:

Stephan's Bushbaby (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

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