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Rotec R3600 Powered Nieuport 28
Owner: Thierry Roussel
Status: Flying Feb 2012

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Aerosport Pty Ltd


Thierry Roussel's Nieuport 28 Project.

The Nieuport aircraft got their name from the well know French aircraft designer Édouard de Nié Port.

Thierry chose the well know Kicking Mule scheme adopted for the 95th Aero Squadron and one of these aircraft was know to have been flown by Lt. Sumner Sewall (a native of Maine). Sewall served in the American Ambulance Field Service during the war prior to enlisting in the American Air Service. The Kicking Mule logo appears on both sides of the aircraft.

This Nieuport Kit was purchased from Airdrome Aeroplanes. Anyone interested in such a kit should contact Robert Baslee. For more information please visit Airdrome's web site:

Left: photo of Thierry starting the Rotec Radial R3600 for the first time.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012 - Thierry Writes:

Some photos of my Nieuport 28,

It's flown 45 hrs already …
And I have order to Robert, the kit of a Sopwith Pup it will be also equipped with a R3600 in around one year you will see an order for an engine coming…


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From take-off to flight.
On Show at Fly-in

11th March 2012 - More photos of Thierry Roussel's completed Rotec Radial Powered Nieuport 28

Its getting cold for open cockpit flying and overcast for photos - we'll look forward to spring and summer of 2013 for more photos
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14th February 2012: First flight PHOTOS & VIDEO

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Two Videos Covering a Series of test flights and flights

November 2011: Project is 100% completed waiting on paperwork for flight...

10 minute Video of the entire construction start to finish!

Testing Rotec Engine
All Done Ready to Fly

24th September 2011: Project nears completion.

Up close on the Rotec R3600 installation

All but finished! Aircraft displaying superb workmanship ...

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