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Rotec R3600 Powered Sopwith Pup
Owner: Thierry Roussel
Status: 25%

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Thierry Roussel's Sopwith Pup Project.

This is a second Rotec power project by Thierry.

Late January 2013 Thierry writes:

Here is an introduction to my new project 

After a successful construction of a Nieuport 28 (a kit of Airdrome aeroplane) I decided to go for a other WW1 plane, ,in this instance a Sopwith Pup replica , it will also be powered by a Rotec R3600 .

The  normal power for a Pup is 80 HP however I've opted for the larger 150HP Rotec radial.

The choice to use the larger engine on the Pup was based on the following reasoning:

As I can't fly two planes at the same time there will be another pilot, a friend with a bit of extra weight. To compensate for his additional weight structural changes have been introduced to the build including of course the larger Rotec (150HP) engine.

The Airfield I am operating  from is not at all forgiving being on top of a hill, often experiencing cross winds and complicating take off's and landings with significant downdrafts.

Furthermore, having the same engine on both planes will make trouble shooting, in case of a malfunction, a lot easier .

The choice of the Pup was made because the Pup has an exemplary reputation for flying quality, which that will make it a safer plane to fly in others hands..

Airdrome airplane gives me an opportunity to build an affordable replica of an old fighter. The kit provides a frame made from aluminum thus removing all the problems regarding humidity and rain had the structure been made from wood as in the original….

My home-base is few miles from Verdun  and within 2 hours away from the WW1 front line. With next years coming commemorations there will be activities surrounding events during the war, and for me there will be opportunities to have a lot of fun in the sky over the front line…..

After starting the construction by the end of October most of the basic parts/structures were completed. As of today I'm waiting  to receive a wing fuel tank, to install whilst assembling all the parts. Once done I'll invite the authorities for an inspection.

After the inspection I've allowed 2 weeks for covering, then I'll wait for the engine to arrive to start the flight testing.

There is a camera on during construction filming at 1/2 sec every 30 sec and when the plane is finished a new Video will be available on You Tube to show the entire construction from start to finish.

Rotec Powered Sopwith PupThe  plane will be colored  as the "BABY MINE" as it's a version with a bigger window…. hopefully providing for less wind against the pilots face

I hope with all the info and pictures you will be able to make a new client project in your web site .

Regards Thierry


This Kit was purchased from Airdrome Aeroplanes. Anyone interested in such a kit should contact Robert Baslee. For more information please visit Airdrome's web site:

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As Of 20th July, 2013
Sopwith Pup wants Rotec's R3600 Radial Engine Sopwith Pup Waiting For Rotec Radial Engine (R3600)
"Pup" is waiting for its R3600 to arrive.
As of February 2013
Tail feathers for Sopwith Pup. Will be poRotec Powered.
Wing for Pup - will be Rotec R3600 powered
Wing for Pup - will be Rotec R3600 powered
Pup fuselage - will be Rotec R3600 powered
Tail fethers
Fuselage and assembly done

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