Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec R3600 (x2) on 55% Scale Sikorsky S38
Owner: Walter Treadwell
Status: Engines mounted and tested.

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Aerosport Pty Ltd


55% Scale Sikorsky S38. First of a kind.

1st twin engine (Rotec R3600x2) Project.

The project was well under way before Rotec heard from Gordon Jones and Ken Coe that they had talked Walter into taking on the construction of a 55% Scaled version of the Sikorsky S38 amphibian.

We at Rotec were delighted to hear that their intention was to power this plane with two Rotec's nine cylinder, 150HP engines.

Steady progress surmounting the many problems en counted during the construction phase the most difficult being constructing a special mount suitable for an amphibian with the engines mounted on the wing.

Left: Walter Treadwell at work...

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July 25 : Up close on the detai after ground testing of the two Rotec R3600's...

Up close on the detail.
Note how the exhaust ring has been fitted to take the exhaust away from the cabin

Posted on May 14, 2012: This great video shows off the care taken in building this 55% Scale Sikorsky S38.
Published on May 14, 2012 Watch both engines fire as Walter conducts the 1st Engine run

December 2007: Engine mounting frame nearing completion. Consideration on prop and its diameter begin.

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October 2007: Checking the positioning of the wing

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May 2005: Mind turns to how the engine will be mounted and protected. These photos show how the full scale Sikorsky S38 mounted its engines.


September 2005 - Fuse nearing completion. Work on the wings.

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January 2004 - Progress on the fuselage

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October 2003 - Early in the build

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