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Rotec R2800 - Siebel Hummel S202C
Status: Engine Mounted
Owner: Wolfgang Knobloch
First Flight: ...

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The Siebel Hummel S202C was designed in 1938 as a multi purpose light airplane for use in the private aviation; though originally powered by a 4 cylinder Zuendapp the design and archive material do include mention of suitability for the use of a radial power plant.

This particular craft has been rebuilt from original plans and photos. A superb plane that deserves a radial (its going to be the Rotec R2800) and we'll be looking forward to seeing the conversion/change in character. I'll predict that it will be nothing short of dramatic. We are looking forward to progress as it occurs.

(Left: The "before" pic of the original craft purchased by Wolfgang)

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June 2010: Paint job completed

29 July 2007:

Sent: Thursday, 23 August 2007 8:02 AM
To: 'Rotec'
Subject: some pictures
Hi Jim,

I sending you some pictures.

The job is bigger than I expected as I had to do some reinforcement and will need to rebuild cockpit and canopy to a more original spec.

Nevertheless, some days ago I needed to see how the engine will look like once its mounted.

Best regards Wolfgang

Re-inforcement complete. engine frame manufactured, the R2800 is mounted


20th Jan 2007: Wolfgang takes delivery of his Rotec R2800:

Sent: Saturday, 20 January 2007 6:46 AM
To: 'Rotec'
Subject: christmas

Hi Jim,

Today was Christmas for me: I have opened the box with the engine. Unbelievable beautiful, to nice to be flown in an aircraft.

You say Rotec is able to design an engine frame? For me it could be helpfull to have the final frame calculated by Catia or a similar tool. The idea is to present a calculation which gives loads of different in flight situations into the frame thus confirming that no part of the frame is overloaded.

Until now I have not done anything regarding a frame.

Best regards Wolfgang

The Siebel Hummel S202C Arrives (minus engine) to be worked on in the temporary work-shop.

As soon as possible Wolfgang does a trial mount


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