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Aircraft Maintenance Technology
(July 2011)
The Golden Age of Aircraft Engines
Brad Groom takes you through some of the history in the development of the R2800 and R3600 along with an insight of the engineering involved Rotec Radials reviving the golden age of aircraft engines
LAA UK March 2012
Rotec Round-up
Uses for Rotec's Radial engine, Liquid cooled heads kit ... (pdf)
Light Aviation (LAA)
Feb 2012
Rotec Aerosort
Article by Stuart MacConnacher about Rotec's range of products:
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Series Of Articles
Spacewalker II RR
Series Of Articles: Martin Hone - His R3600 powered Space walker start to finish. Inc video, Browse to "Articles" on Martin's page.
EAA Chapter 240
Spring 2010 Issue
Chuck Shipman's article on his Spacewalker containing kind words about Rotec and Martine Hone (Qld Agent in Australia)
EAA June 2010 Experimenter
Space Walker II RR
Martin Hone - His R3600 powered Space walker start to finish. Inc video.

Classic Wings
Issue 74 - 2010

Mystery Low Wing
Identified as Martin Hone's Spacewalker
EAA May 2010 Departments
Impractical Magic
Greg Laslo pages 28...34 - Deals with Tim Gallagher's's experience building, running and accolades with his R2800 powered Pober Jnr Ace
EAA May 2010 Departments:
Rotec's Radial Engine
Tim Kern pages 98...102 - all about Rotec's Radial - subjects of general interest inc manufacture, servicing & running 
Antique Airfield
December 2010
Warner Sportster Test Flight ©
Paul Berge on Buck Leopold's Rotec R2800 powered Sportster
October 2010
An Aussie take on throttlebody fuel injection
Steve Ells does a great job describing Rotec's throttle body fuel injection system
EAAers in Action Aug 2009
Members Forum
Rotec joins Rob "Smokey" Ray in Farewelling Jim Swick who's last build was the magnificent R2800 powered Swick T Clipped Wing Taylor Coupe
July 2009
El Spacewalker Revive Con Un Radial De 150HP
In Spanish
EAA July 2009
what members are building and restoring
Blake Thomas builds full scale Nieuport 28 with Rotec R3600 Power (Texas)


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