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WIPO Finds For Rotec! Read about it! click on >
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) finds against Charley Connally, Bushwhacker Air LLC and Chris Hatin.

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Rotec Introduces New Product (LCH):

A cooling System Designed to Prevent Jubiru Heads overheating. Tested and installation proven.

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Osh 2011 - what you missed seeing:

On Display:

  • Rotec R2800
  • Rotec R3600
  • Rotec TBI
  • Rotec LCH *
  • Aircraft with our Radials
  • Airdome Aeroplanes

... and much more!

Like the new Liquid Cooled Heads ( * LCH )Kit For Jabirus


However you can still pick up on the Show Special for a TBI >

for USA OR for Australia & NZ

EASTER 2011:

Congratulations to Derek Dyer for winning Grand Champion at RAA's Fly-in 2011 with his magnificently finished R2800 powered Fisher Celebrity... To view his project click >

If you were not at the fly-in at Temora then you missed seeing the Grand Champion and:

Rotec powered aircraft which were spaced over 3 booths:
  R2800 powered Fly baby R2800 powered Gear Sport
  R3600 powered Zenith 200 R2800 powered Funk B (flew in from Perth)
Other Rotec Aviation Products On Display:
  * LCH equipped Jabiru SP6 * LCH & ** TBI equipped Avocet 3300 pusher best new design.

The Rotec LCH display created great interest with good crowds around it all weekend.

* LCH = Rotec's new product for cooling Jabiru's overheated/overheating heads ( see )
** TBI = Rotec's well established affordable throttle body fuel injection ( see: )

Sorry we were too busy to take photos ....

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1st September 2010:

Kitplanes Article by Steve Ells about Rotec's TBI. To open the pdf click on >
require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download at

Announcement of new Rotec engine development soon!

Rotec is expanding services in general aviation parts manufacture. To be announced shortly.


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